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We’re technology experts and leaders who bring energy, passion, and knowledge to every project on the clock. Off the clock, we’re an eclectic bunch of foodies, music buffs, artists, sports fanatics, karaoke pros, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Meet the Team


Jhanzaib Jaffer



Haris Niaz

CEO and Co-Founder


Aiman Niaz



Shayan Shah

Managing Director

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Salman Fareed

CO-Ordinating Officer and Lead Developer


Muneeb Gujjar

Lead E-Commerce

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Khawaja Ahtisham

Lead Graphics Designer

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We’re Hiring

Open positions.

responsible for assisting with the creation of websites and updating existing web applications using scripting languages. 

responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing images that accompany written text. Their duties include meeting with clients to establish their needs, using design software to complete projects and revising projects based on client feedback.

product and research-based tasks, excel work, product image editing, product listings, optimizing product lists, managing pricing and inventory, fulfilling orders, processing returns and exchanges, bookkeeping, and handling customer support, thereby keeping store up to date and running 24×7.

our work will primarily involve curating, generating, proofreading, and publishing content on various channels in keeping with the latest marketing trends. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication and organizational skills.

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