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E-Commerce Development and Store Management Solution

Amazon and E-bay Specialized

We offer complete e-commerce business management services. Whether you are looking for help getting started with your online business from scratch or improving an existing one, we are the one-stop-shop for all your needs. We are experts at everything that your business needs to successfully operate. Our team has years of experience in managing online businesses on some of the biggest online selling platforms in the world such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Sears, Rakuten, Bonanza, etc. We have successfully listed thousands of items online for our clients as well as managing their businesses. We also create and manage private e-commerce websites on various platforms such as Magneto, OpenCart, WordPress, Shopify, and many more. We have set up many clients from scratch to successful businesses. We can take care of all your e-commerce business needs:


We don’t just work! But we work creatively and efficiently to manage your online business. We aim to make all your daily operations as efficient as possible. Below are some of the key skills of our team: Bulk uploading inventory via CSV files. We have the ability to populate product information in several different excel sheets through automated formulas so the inventory files can be prepared simultaneously for Amazon, eBay, and on the website all at once). We have sufficient experience in processing data in various formats (CSV, txt, excel sheets) for the inventory feed files to upload the products on Amazon and eBay. Writing ‘Search Engine Friendly’ product names, product descriptions, search keywords, etc. for the products. Ensuring that all orders which are placed online (Website, Amazon, E-Bay, etc.) are processed correctly from the beginning to the end Responding to customers’ inquiries Creating automated excel sheets with advanced formulas to help identify the current issues and analyzing the data by the reports which are produced by the automated excel sheets for smoother operations. The excel sheets automatically calculate a detailed report and a summary of the sales, returns, complaints, or any other pending issues. Maintaining the Seller rating to 100% or above on all online sales channels. We ensure that we constantly receive positive feedback and reviews from buyers to help us achieve more sales and revenue online We ensure that all customer queries are responded to as soon as possible to be able to maintain the average response time within 4 hours and to provide excellent customer service which certainly brings positive feedback from the customers which results in a higher seller rating. Ensuring that all pending issues/requests are resolved within time. We achieve this by keeping a strong loop of follow-ups in our Outlook and with scheduled tasks set. All our team members have years of sufficient relevant experience.

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